Wigglesteps Australia

SEA PUG Men Sports Sneaker Socks

Ships Ahoi Captain! Here we have beautiful nautical ankle socks for you. Sea Pug Men Sports Sneaker Socks are made for the man who is strong enough to face stormy waters and like some humour. Our sport collection does not have a print underneath the foot as it features functional micro plush sole.

Extremely highly elastic function stocking quality.
Functional stocking structure to support your feet and micro plush on the sole.
Breathable membrane material to derive humidity from the foot.
Seamingly seamless: just a fine spun toe seam to provide absolute comfort.
Modern environmentally friendly production process because Wigglesteps cares.

Material compostion: 27% polyester, 71% polyamide, 2% elastane invisible

Fits men’s shoe sizes AU/US 7-11.


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