Wigglesteps Australia

TROPICAL CAR Women Sneaker Socks

Pink vintage cars, palms and a few parrots will get you in that tropical feeling, like if you’re cruising along a palm boulevard next to the beach. The pink, green and turquoise complete this design and the details are just stunning. Help yourself or your friend to get cruising in our head turning Tropical Car Women Sneaker Socks.

Organic cotton inside to ensure comfort and quality on your skin.
Breathable membrane material outside to derive humidity from the foot.
Seamingly seamless: just a fine spun toe seam to ensure absolute comfort.
Modern environmentally friendly production process because Wigglesteps cares.

Material compostion: 38% organic cotton, 45% polyester (Dry Touch), 14% polyamide, 3% elastane

Fits best women shoe sizes AU/US 5-9.


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