Wigglesteps Australia

These aren’t just ordinary socks

they’re Wigglesteps!

Because we think you shouldn’t have to choose between fashion and ecology.

Wigglesteps are not just socks. They’re quirkily fashion-forward, sustainably manufactured and eco-conscious.

Foot fashion for fine folk – make a stylement!

We believe sock lovers should have it all!

That is why Wigglesteps is promoting the principles of its green factory:

renewable energy
family run farms
non-toxic ingredients
non-gmo organic cotton
sweatshop free

Skip this way for fancy feet shopping!

Wigglesteps Australia socks Fremantle

Why Wigglesteps Australia?

Christiane is the fancy sock wearer behind Wigglesteps Australia. First of all she fell in love with the vibrant patterns and the soft feel of the Wigglesteps brand while visiting Germany a few years ago. And finally what really sold her on Wigglesteps socks and stockings was the manufacturing process – because all the products are made in a certified ‘green’ factory with sustainable practices. Being a Freo resident, Christiane had a vision to bring the green practice paired with vibrant designs to colourful Fremantle. Therefore she began her Australian business and now Wigglesteps are packaged up (beautifully, with a hand-written note) and shipped mainly all over Australia, New Zealand and the U.S.

Come for a walk down Wigglesteps history.

My first impression of wigglesteps were the vibrant and colourful patterns. As a mechanic at daytime I like any motor vehicle associated prints and as a musician at nighttime I like to spruce up my attire with wigglesteps Australia. At the same time I find they are extremely durable and the most comfortable socks I’ve ever had.

Paul, Western Australia

Wigglesteps are the most colourful, exciting and funky pair of socks to have ever grazed my sock drawer. I am not afraid to mix colours in all my outfits. I have however neglected my poor feet and bought super boring socks before this. Feet forgive me! Go on treat yourself today, because these feet of yours deserve it. They carry you around all day!

Julie, Western Australia

Wigglesteps socks help their wearers to make a stylement!

These colourful outside, green-hearted and deliciously designed foot fashions mean you can have a beautifully designed, quality created product while supporting companies with sustainable, eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

Wigglesteps Australia products

• Are created with renewable energy
• Support family run farms
• Contain non-toxic ingredients
• Keep printing to the outside of the garments
• Use organic cotton on the inside of the socks
• Promote modern and environmentally friendly printing practices
•Are sweatshop free

And the most important part:

Our products stay soft wear after wear,
are more comfortable than any other pair of socks you own,
and utterly delightful to look at!

wigglesteps australia socks-vintage signs
wigglesteps australia socks eco
wigglesteps australia socks pop music

Make a stylement! Browse the delectable designs of Wigglesteps Australia right here.